Stainless Steel (SharePoint 2013 Branding)

Stainless Steel is a Definitive Computing branding template that brings a crisp, clean, and functional look-and-feel to SharePoint 2013. The banner at the top of this site is a screenshot of Stainless Steel.


  • Clean, professional look
  • Extensive clutter reduction (buttons relocated to Site Actions menu)
  • Reduced top banner size for maximum workspace
  • Perfectly spaced ribbon with reduced size
  • Cross site collection breadcrumb
  • Search relocated to maximize navigation space
  • Virtually identical on all major browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari). iPad compatible.

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Crisp and clean.

Follow and Sync buttons moved into the Site Actions menu.

Exacting proportions of the ribbon make the most of every pixel.

Side-by-side comparison of Stainless Steel ribbon with default SharePoint 2013 Preview ribbon (top of page to bottom of ribbon reduced from 155px to 108px).

Compatible with narrow screens.