AD Explorer Extractor

This simple tool will extract names from raw Active Directory data, which I generally copy from AD Explorer. Paste data to the lower field and copy a nicely formatted list from the top.

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SharePoint 2010 – ‘Edit in Office’ is Missing from the Document Drop-down Menu

The Problem

The ‘Edit in Excel/Word’ item is missing from document drop-downs.

There are many possible causes, but one that is often overlooked is simply leaving this permission out of your custom role. Do a quick test – temporarily give a user with this issue ‘Full Control’ rights and see if the Office link comes back. If it does, we have your solution.

The Solution

Go to the root site and edit permissions. Click ‘Permission Levels’ and edit the custom role that is causing trouble.

Check ‘Use Client Integration Features’

That should clear it up assuming everything else is configured properly.

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